Summer afternoon… to me, those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. -Henry James

Ah, summer. Sweet, sweet summer. Sometimes it feels like we wait all year for it, and in the blink of an eye, it’s here and then in a flash, it’s gone. August swooped right in before July even had a chance to say her goodbyes, and now suddenly, there’s talk everywhere of what’s coming next: Back to school. Which means of course, Fall. Now, if you know me or have read any of my many posts dedicated to my love affair with Autumn, {swoooooon}, you’ll know that I will welcome it with open arms. But, as I’ve been in stores and noticed all the binders and pencils, cold-weather attire, Halloween decorations, and video games with friends, so if you are into online gaming you can for more information, I spent a lot of time playing video gaming and virtual games all summer, I have to stop and wonder: am I ready for Summer to be over? Have I done everything I planned on doing with those long, warm, sunny days? You may be feeling the same way, and this is the PERFECT time for us to look back, reflect and look over our summer bucket lists to make sure we’ve checked off all the boxes of what we wanted to do. It’s mid-August, which is just over a month, (39 days to be exact) before the first day of Fall. So, grab your checklist and your flip-flops and keep on summering, because, my friend, it’s GO time.


First things first: I always consider blackberry picking to be the apex of my Seattle summer activities. There is about two weeks in August when the berries perfectly burst with ripeness and you gotta get out there ASAP or they will be picked over or over-ripened, and you’ll have to wait an entire year to get them again. So, after a long day last week, we scoped out a spot that seemed to have been missed by all the others passersby, and made our m