When I first moved to Seattle, I remember my sister telling me that people endure the tough nine months of rainy weather for the ever pending pay off of perfect days that come with the Spring and Summer months. The second those rain clouds move out of the way, elation sets in, and the city lights up; flowers are everywhere, the trees are vibrant with color and every Seattle resident is out of the house, soaking up as much vitamin D as we can! Seattle’s warm season is perfect- not too hot, we’re right on the water, there’s so much to do, and the scenery is breathtaking…

IMG_7032 IMG_6945

It’s so enjoyable to just throw on my sneaks, grab Finn and his leash and wander around the neighborhood. There’s so much beauty, and everything looks so different when the sun is shining!

IMG_7053 IMG_6908 IMG_6949

And of course, those sunsets over the water- they just CANNOT be beat…


…especially when you’re with the ones you love…fullsizeoutput_315b IMG_7113

It’s funny- one of the things about Seattle, or maybe any big city is that so often, we pass each other on the streets, avoid eye contact, and most definitely skip saying hello. It’s so unfortunate, because we miss out on so many opportunities to connect with one another, even for the briefest moment. A quick smile- even a smirk- could change someone’s day around.