HAPPY 2017! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, filled with loved ones, celebrations, and lots and lots of treats. It has been so very chilly here in the Northwest, the kind of cold where when you head outside, the chill nips at your face. We are all bundled up in our biggest jackets, warm beanies, wool socks and scarves- and that’s just while we’re sitting hanging out at home! Nah, I kid, I kid, it’s not THAT cold, but definitely one of the chillier winters that I can remember.




In case you were wondering what I look like when I am FREEZING cold, there you go^. That picture was taken in Leavenworth which is a few hours from Seattle, but you get the gist, don’t you?

It’s funny how we get so sucked into the holidays and being all cozy, eating all the delicious foods, settling into the season, and then BOOM! New Years hits, and we are catapulted into making life changes, setting new goals and really working towards switching up whatever is not working for us in our lives anymore. I love talking to people about what their resolutions are- mostly because I rarely have one myself, but just to get a general consensus of what my friends and peers are working on. I used to love resolutions, starting the year fresh and having a goal to work towards, but I rarely found that I was able to stick to them: ‘Im going to stop doing this, Im not going to eat that, I’m going to avoid this situation…’ The problem with that was that I ended up feeling like a failure if I DID ‘eat that’, or if I didn’t ‘stop doing this’, and the point of resolutions is not to feel like a failure, especially right in the beginning of the year! As I’ve been talking to friends about their resolutions, I am again seeing that theme of negative; Stop, Don’t, Avoid. Not because my friends are negative, but because resolutions seem to have a theme that requires us to STOP doing something. So, I got to thinking: What needs to shift in order to make our resolutions seem more doable and not be something that keeps us from just being, well, us?

One of my favorite quotes is from Thomas Jefferson. It reads:

‘If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.’

AHA moment! That quote got me into Grad school, I kid you not. But let’s apply it to our situation at hand, shall we? For so many of us, our resolutions repeat themselves, year after year. ‘I WILL finally lose those 15 pounds I’ve been trying to get rid of!’ ‘I won’t get mad at my partner for being such an idiot things they cannot control!’ ‘I won’t eat any more carbs!’ These are all great and swell. But the tricky part is how we will achieve these goals, and this is where that quote comes in. To move along a resolution, have something to back it up, and even better, something you have not tried yet. If your goal is to have a better relationship with your partner by not picking on them so much, get some added support by investing in a book you haven’t read about healthy relationships or better yet, talk to a professional who can give you tools to deal with those situations. If you are, once again, working on losing those freshman 15 from college 10 years ago ;), maybe try a different workout regimen instead of the cardio junkie madness that you hate doing. Maybe invest in a session with a nutritionist or add in a different type of workout to your daily regimen.


Likewise, if you are trying to start the new year by being more clean and organized, but everything you see and touch is a disaster, {Enter: car, house, purse, notebook} how on earth are you going to move forward and be more organized? Spend a day cleaning out your closet, getting your car washed and sorted, and do the things that are going to make your goals possible. No one wants to start a resolution in the negative zone. Take the steps to get to level 0 so that you can work up from there. Set yourself up: what needs to change in order to help us succeed? Does that make sense to you?

Sometimes it’s the one thing we haven’t tried that moves us into the direction we’ve been looking to go in.

As I write this, I promise you I am not standing on a soap box, and I write this because it is what I need to hear right now, too. Even when life is busy, complex, whirling and twirling, it is still possible to get ‘stuck’. Moving past these moments is where growth happens, and it is just a matter of figuring out how to move past them.

My brother and sister just went to Patagonia together with a couple of friends. They had an absolutely wonderful time and came back with so many stories to share.


Ok seriously though, are they just the cutest?! Those are my baby sibs! Not so much babies anymore! They both went into the trip wanting to experience personal growth, mental clarity and life0changing moments.  One of the most amazing parts of their trip, aside from the adventures, aside from the food poisoning, aside from the wonderful people they met, was the AHA moments they had while they were there. They both came back from that trip with a new sense of self, an enlightened outlook on life, and illuminated ways of how to move forward in their lives. Can that come at any time in life? Of course! But the common theme is that they were both doing things they had not done before and had LIFE CHANGING moments that will forever change the trajectory of their time on earth. Now, I’m not suggesting that we all pack our bags and hike in Patagonia, because let’s be honest here, that’s not my cup of tea. But the point is, they were both doing something they had never done before that will bring about changes that they have never had.

So I challenge you: what can you do differently to help you accomplish your resolutions, meet your goals and shift whatever is not working for you? It can be as grand or as minute as you want. It’s your life after all, just make it work for YOU.

As we move into the New Year, remember this: Everyone’s journey is different. Don’t compare, don’t wish you were in someone else’s shoes, and don’t for one second forget that YOU are amazing, just the way you are- Carb loving, messy house owning, relationship problem having YOU. I wish you all a happy, healthy and uplifting 2017. As always, much love to you, from me.


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  1. Judy
    January 10, 2017 at 2:25 am (6 years ago)

    Cherish every moment that is given to you! My resolution is to kick “Mr. C” to the curb!!


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