Here I am, sitting at the most darling coffee shop, The Daily Grind, in Pullman, Washington, on a cool and breezy Fall day. They have a bunch of little antique tables for people to sit at, and each table has it’s own little vintage desk lamp…the perfect way to add a bit of warmth and coziness to the amount of work people have to accomplish while they are here. Finley is tucked in at my feet, watching me tap tap tap the keyboard, but never missing an opportunity to give passersby his puppy dog eyes, in hopes that they will drop a piece of their coffee cake on the ground for him.

Finn and I got to Pullman yesterday, a little escape from the city to visit my baby sister since I am on quarter break from school, and to do a bit of an early birthday celebration for her! She is turning 29, and she has been just the best little sister a girl could ask for. Look how absolutely THRILLED we were when she came into our little world. I don’t think I could possible be smiling any bigger. Just waiting for our Alex to arrive 4 years later!




From the moment she was born, she has been such a light in our lives, that little Elena bug. From Rodeo queen, to dalmatian rock collector, (don’t ask), to soon-to-be vet student, our thoughtful do-gooder has been such a blessing to our family. She has inspired me in so many ways, and continues to surprise me every step of the way on this life journey. So, on this trip, we celebrate her, and all the wonderfulness that she is!

I love coming to Pullman. It’s a 5 hour drive from Seattle, and it feels like a world away from everything I know. The drive is half of the enjoyment. Straight up I-90, through all of the wonderful towns right outside Seattle, and then straight into wheat-ville. Thousands of acres of sprawling wheat fields, the rolling hills in tones of gold, sturdy barns dotting the vast landscapes, horses swooshing their tails in the sunshine, huge hay bales rolled up on along the acreage, old Ford trucks taking their time down the interstate…I love it all. I usually stop in Cle Elum, a sleepy little town outside of Seattle, grab a coffee at the ‘Warrior Stop’, the best weak cup a joe a girl could ask for, and from there on, it’s windows down, country music up, excited anticipation to see Elena and all her sweet friends in the quaint town of Pullman.


See my co-pilot? Sometimes, I actually let him drive, as is demonstrated in the photo above. He likes checking out the wheat fields just as much as I do! Last night, we went to the BEST country bar this side of the Mississippi. It’s called Plantation, and it is just pure delight. Cowgirl boots were on, Country swing dancing ensued, and we got to spend the whole night in our most favorite element. It was just too good. Today, Elena and myself are taking the dogs and heading to the barn where she keeps her horse, Rio. Then, we usually grab a couple beers and head out into the fields, watch the sunset, have some sister time, and let the dogs run to their hearts content, chasing the little critters down the dirt paths, sniffing everything in their way, and running back and forth between us and the path ahead.





There you have it! The plan is to keep it simple, enjoy the country life and soak in some sister time, one wheat field at a time! If you’re ever in need of a break from the city, come to Pullman, and take meeeeeee with you! Much love to you all, with love, from Pullman, Washington…

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  1. Mia
    October 6, 2016 at 8:44 pm (6 years ago)

    I SO love that you appreciate Pullman without having gone to WSU. MY 4.5 years there were among the best of my life and I love that little town with all my heart too. You described it all so beautifully, and your sister relationship makes me giddy 🙂


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