Hello. Hello? Is this thing on? Wow kids, it’s been awhile. I took a mini hiatus. I had stuff to do! Life has been pretty busy lately: I took two big vacations this summer, each two weeks, and then started grad school right when I got home, in addition to working full time. I like having a full plate. However, my plate wasn’t quitttttte full enough, so I decided to add an 11 week old kitten to the mix.


Meet Tux.




I call him Tux because he has a little patch of white fur right on his chest that makes it look like he’s wearing a tuxedo. He is THE most darling little boy, and such a little snuggle bug. Yes, I got him for my pup- I’m THAT kind of dog owner. However, Finley doesn’t even know what to think of the little guy, in fact I might even say he gets annoyed frustrated with his kittenish ways. I think he even gets a little jealous of the new attention the baby is getting, but that’s just a guess. Other than playing with my little tuxedo man, school is front row and center in this gal’s life. Classes are all day on Saturdays, and homework is now part of my every day agenda. And you know what? I love it. Well, hold on. Let me rephrase: love sounds a little strong for what I’m actually experiencing. It feels so good to be back in school, being challenged, meeting new people, saying things like ‘I can’t go out tonight, I have HOMEWORK.’ What?! I haven’t had homework in 10 years! Now, I suddenly have research papers, observation journals, text books, case studys… it is so weird being in a learning environment again. Yet, so refreshing. It’s funny how the rivers of life flow: I remember completing my undergrad, and think