My oh my, things have cooled down on my end of the earth! By which I mean, I’ve been able to relax, reboot and breeeeeathe easy following a couple months of complete chaos. All good chaos, of course, but things were just a wee bit overwhelming; Yoga Teacher training, 3 tests to apply for grad school, getting accepted to grad school, driving cross country for 2 weeks and starting a new job. There were many a day that I felt I just might not come out alive. Just.too.much. NOT that I am complaining in the least! In fact, I thrive on, and enjoy being busy. However, I may have been in over my head for a spell, so now it feels good to sit back, rest, nap, spend time with my pup and ease my way through the next few weeks before school starts. I’ve really been trying to do the things that feel soooo good to do; the things that when you’re so busy, you’re thinking, ‘oh man, if I wasn’t doing THIS, I’d be doing THIS!’ So, I’ve been laying pretty low, kind of recouping, and doing things that I love, which for me, always entails spending time with my family, enjoying the view, getting outside, making homemade meals, and surrounding myself with as many animals as possible.






IMG_5802I also started a ‘garden’, which really means I put some plants in pots, and am crossing my fingers that they don’t die, get overwatered, undernourished or too much dog pee over the next few months.BUT! It was the first time I’ve ever had plants of my own, so that in itself is very exciting for me. It’s the little things, right!?