By the time you are reading this, my mom and I will have covered approximately 3200 miles by car and trailer.

Up mountains, down valleys, through towns, across cities, upon freeways, through tunnels, around acres, and under big skies. On Tuesday, we  had the wonderful pleasure of going to Cleveland, Ohio, and enjoying a nice 2 day long stay with my sweet cousin Janelle, her wonderful husband Nik and their darling daughter Averie. It was such a treat to live in their world for a couple days, enjoy a home cooked meal with them, catch up on all of life’s business and even have time to watch The Revenant. (Gasp! I’m still having dreams about that bear scene.)

Yestersay, we said our goodbyes to the family and headed even further east into upstate New York. Such beautiful country that is! We took the back country hills through Utica, and enjoyed the scenic rolling hills, marveled at the signs that promised farm fresh eggs and dairy fresh milk, and passed a few Amish families tilling their soil. It felt like a different world out there. So simple, so refreshing. Pulling into our campsite during the golden hour, right along the Mowhawk River, it felt like we were right back where we belonged. We picked up some local beer (that’s a given), got some fixins to make taco salad, and made ourselves at home in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains.

Today, we pulled out of camp at 9 am sharp, and headed east, once again, to a place that I have had in my heart for quite a long time: Vermont. I think my ‘minor’, ahem, obsession started with the movie White Christmas, since that is the setting of the movie, and really hit an all time high when I saw the movie Baby Boom, which romanticizes the state in the best way possible. I have forever wanted to come to this area, see the covered bridges, the thick forests, and the small country stores, so I was elated to find that it was just as pleasant and elegantly quaint as I had imagined.

The houses were so charming, with wood piles stacked on the front porches, the green fields sprawling for miles, sunlight glistening on little ponds, store front signs so carefully hand painted on perfectly sanded wooden surfaces. The whole state is like something from a Norman Rockwell painting, and I was just dying to put on a red plaid button up, drive around town in a Volvo, kicking up fall leaves behind me and head towards the nearest apple orchard to get ingredients for a homemade apple pie.


It was 79* out and almost summer time so the fantasy will have to wait until I’m here in Autumn (one day!) STILL though, one of my most favorite places. Just pure perfection.  We did manage to get ourselves into some trouble at the Vermont Country Store, a place my mom has been {catalog} shopping for years.

They have the most beautiful, practical, old timey products there, including some yummy local food items that we couldn’t pass up!

Eventually, we said goodbye to Vermont and headed into New Hampshire, which was almost as cute. Not quite though 😉 That brings us to our current site, in Deering, NH, again right next to a creek. Do all campsites have water next to them or do we just keep getting lucky?! The mosquitos are out, which is just a little icing on the camping cake. I mean really, what fun is camping if you don’t get to douse yourself in bug spray, hmm?? Tomorrow we head to Maine, our final destination before I fly back to Seattle on Saturday. This whole trip has gone by in the blink of an eye and has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, especially and MOST importantly, because it’s been with my mum. We have laughed so much and seen so many amazing parts of this beautiful country (and some not so amazing parts, let’s be honest), and I wouldn’t change one part of it for the world.

Happy trails friends, see ya on the last leg of the tour! Xx

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