I feel no shame as I sit here in my hotel bed in the small town of Avoca, Iowa, and write to you from my air conditioned, hot shower, HDTV equipped room. Yesterday marked the one week point of being on our road trip, and we gifted ourself with a night at the luxurious Cobblestone Inn, right next to a truck stop off the I-80. We spent 2 days making our way through Nebraska, which was beautiful but HOTTTTT!!! Our first day, tempts reached 87*, which is quite warm when you’re trying not to use AC, in an effort to conserve energy for pulling the camper. Just when we had hit our wits end, with a 7 hour drive from Wyoming, and four dogs who were just about ready to jump out the window just to feel some fresh air on their lil nosies, we found refuge, in the dear sweet town of Arthur. The population maxes out at 141 people, and there is not much more than a post office, a playground, and the oh so amazing Bunkhouse bar and grill, where anyone should go to get a true feel of country life. No, really, add this place to your bucket list. We made ourselves comfy at a table that faced the bartender who was sitting at a table playing cards with the regulars, but never missed a chance to ask us about another round of beers and if we wanted cheese and grilled onions on or burgers. Yes and yes!

he whole town takes about 4 steps to get through, as demonstrated in the following picture:

But it is as quaint and small town USA as can be, and the locals treat you with that heartland hospitality that makes you feel right at home.

We spent one night in neighborly Nebraska before linking up to the big interstate and making our way into Iowa. The smoke from the Canadian fires followed us all the way on our drive yesterday, creating an eerie, apocalyptic feel, which we were happy to leave on the other side of the state line. Into Iowa we headed, with high hopes of seeing even MORE corn fields, cattle farms and Ford trucks.