Well, well, well, time really does fly. It’s hard to believe that we’ve now been roadtripping for a full 5 days. All the days kind of blend into one, yet each one is so distinct  in its activities, views, sceneries and people. After leaving Missoula, we headed to Livingston, Montana, a quaint little cowboy town with the entire place spanning no more than 4 miles, overlooking the beautiful Absaroka mountains.

Just as we were leaving town the following day, whaddya know, the tire pressure light blinked on. Filled the tires up, and an hour later, it was on again. Quick detour to the tire shop, and guess what we found…

Yep, this mighty little gem. Luckily, a quick visit with the handsomest chap in Montana had us back on the road in no time. Whew! They sure do grow em cute out here.

Fast forward 6 hours, breakfast at taco johns and a stop at Custer’s last stand museum, we made it across the Wyoming state line. Ahhhh, instant joy, relaxation, and an overwhelming sense of happiness for this wide open state that I love with my whole heart.

As a young girl, my family would take road trips to our favorite ranch in Cody, right outside of Yellowstone, and that is when my love affair with this awe inspiring state began.
A smooth coast into Buffalo, and into our delightful little campsite by Clear Creek, and we were ready to settle in.

As fate would have it, my wonderful friend Logan, who lives in Cody, happened to be traveling through with his friends Nick and Angie, on their way to Denver. Angie and her family own a ranch here and they invited us all to come help plant apple trees in their orchard, meet their Highland cattle, and rub noses with their one year old Clydesdale and Palo