Why hello there my roadtrip following friend! Here we are, day 2 into our excursion, and it feels like we’ve been on the road for a week! We are having such a blast; between seeing my sister in Pullman, driving up passes and down passes, seeing magnificent views, taking rests at run down gas stations, setting up camp, and following maps, the hours add up very quickly and before you know it, a whole day is at it’s end. We left Seattle yesterday morning at around 930-it felt SOOO good to say goodbye to city life, hop on I-90, and watch as traffic dwindled to just a few cars around us.

Goodbye busy city, hello open roads…

What a treat to stop and see my little sister, although slightly inconvenient that she had huge vet final the next morning, but she still made time to fit in a beer with mom and her sis!
She took us to see where Rio, her {our} beloved horse is kept, in his wide open pasture, where one can see for miles and miles of rolling hills. And of course, I had to make time to clean up his tootsies!

Such an amazing and stunning place, that Pullman. Although, I may be a bit partial since my baby sister lives there.

After a solid nights sleep on Elena’s sturdy IKEA couch, we refueled with some strong coffee, and headed up I-90, through couer d’alene, Idaho and right into majestic Montana.

Fast forward 5 1/2 hours, a 20 minute construction delay, a swarm of bees, 2 puppy potty breaks, and 1 beer stop, we pulled into our first campsite right outside of Missoula. It only took us 10 minutes and one friendly RV neighbor to figure out how to reverse our camper into the site, but otherwise we are golden! Nothing so intense t