There is so much excitement going on in my neck of the woods! The kind of excitement where you just cannot wait for one more second… I mean foot tapping, finger drumming, heart thumping excitement. I haven’t mentioned my in any of my previous posts, which is very surprising because when I’m stoked about something, I usually just cannot stop talking about it! However, now that I’ve caught your attention, I’ll spill it to ya… This Sunday, at 8 am, I am starting a once in a lifetime adventure, which involves driving cross country; all the way from Seattle, Washington to Bangor, Maine. Not only that,  but I will be driving with my mom, pulling her teardrop camper, and joining us will be all 4 of our Jack Russell Terriers. Yes, you read that correctly, FOUR Jack Russell Terriers. I know. If you were here, I’d say, ‘Don’t look at me like that.’ But yes, it’s true. Did I mention this is going to be adventure? We’re packing our bags, saying goodbye to city life for a spell, and hitting up every itty bitty, boot scootin’, one horse town we can along the way.


Here’s the 411: My grandparents built a beautiful, magical, memory filled, otherworldly home in a wonderful cove on Swan’s Island, Maine. When they passed, they left the summer retreat to my mom and her sister Judy, and all the kids in my family along with my sweet cousin Janelle frequent it during the summers. This year, my mom is planning on spending her whole summer there, and rather than fly out (which we usually do), she decided to drive the whole way! Consequently, she has recently purchased a tear drop camper, a dream she has had for years. Long story short, all of the stars aligned to make it possible for us to hook her camper up to the car, and take a 2 week vacation all across our nation. Literally- all.the.way.across.


Here’s Janny on the day we got her camper! Can you see her pure elation? Check that one off the buck