And just like that, it is March 2016. Leap day came in so sweetly, then left and introduced us to March on it’s way out. Boy, what an impact March has already made! I now fully understand the phrase, ‘March came in like a Lion….’ Today was a catastrophe! Well, not exactly a catastrophe, but the winds were whipping, the rains were pounding, and the weather reminded us once again that SHE will decide when the season is really changing. The transition from Winter to Spring has been giving us little teasers for the past couple of weeks. We have had some beautiful days here in the Pacific Northwest, juuuuuuust enough to give us hope that there are, indeed, sunny days and blue skies ahead.

IMG_4799On my daily walks through my neighborhood, the first little brave soldiers of Spring are starting to peek their heads out, and say ‘IM HERE!!!’ Such dapper little fellas, dontcha think?


I, myself, have successfully filled up every ounce of free time I had allotted myself over the past few months; I somehow managed to start a 3 month long Yoga Teacher Training journey, (Yayyyyyy!!!!) while simultaneously getting accepted to a Master’s program for Elementary School teaching. I was not intending to do both at the same time, but hey, the universe decided this is what I needed in my life, and gall darnit, who am I to argue with the UNIVERSE!?!!? So, I have been keeping myself busy, studying oh so much literature, taking notes, making flashcards and being a student once again. Who’s idea was this anyway?! Kidding, kidding, it feels great. I even got a new desk to sit at, which holds all my ‘intentions’ of my future workings. Whether those intentions come to fruition is another story. Kidding AGAIN! I’ve been fulfilling every scholarly intention I set out to accomplish…kinda…mostly…sometimes.