And just like that, it is March 2016. Leap day came in so sweetly, then left and introduced us to March on it’s way out. Boy, what an impact March has already made! I now fully understand the phrase, ‘March came in like a Lion….’ Today was a catastrophe! Well, not exactly a catastrophe, but the winds were whipping, the rains were pounding, and the weather reminded us once again that SHE will decide when the season is really changing. The transition from Winter to Spring has been giving us little teasers for the past couple of weeks. We have had some beautiful days here in the Pacific Northwest, juuuuuuust enough to give us hope that there are, indeed, sunny days and blue skies ahead.

IMG_4799On my daily walks through my neighborhood, the first little brave soldiers of Spring are starting to peek their heads out, and say ‘IM HERE!!!’ Such dapper little fellas, dontcha think?


I, myself, have successfully filled up every ounce of free time I had allotted myself over the past few months; I somehow managed to start a 3 month long Yoga Teacher Training journey, (Yayyyyyy!!!!) while simultaneously getting accepted to a Master’s program for Elementary School teaching. I was not intending to do both at the same time, but hey, the universe decided this is what I needed in my life, and gall darnit, who am I to argue with the UNIVERSE!?!!? So, I have been keeping myself busy, studying oh so much literature, taking notes, making flashcards and being a student once again. Who’s idea was this anyway?! Kidding, kidding, it feels great. I even got a new desk to sit at, which holds all my ‘intentions’ of my future workings. Whether those intentions come to fruition is another story. Kidding AGAIN! I’ve been fulfilling every scholarly intention I set out to accomplish…kinda…mostly…sometimes.


Lucky for me, I have this darling little bug who just LOVES to help me study. He holds me accountable for all my assignments and pounces on my head in the middle of the night if I don’t complete them. True story.


Like the weather and the seasons, I am actually watching myself transition into a new phase in my life. We are all connected to the earth, so it only makes sense that as Mother Nature decides that it’s time to embark upon a new season, she’s going to take her kiddos (US!) with her. The beauty and the curse of life is that nothing ever stays the same. No matter how hard we grip, grasp, cry, kick and scream, life is always changing, evolving, transitioning into what is coming next. Sometimes the change is great, other times, ehhhh, not so much. Many people in my life right now are in a stage of metamorphosis. Some situations are a conscious choice of taking a giant LEAP of faith, seeing a change that needs to be made and going for it! Others are situations where the rug is being pulled right from under them, and before they have a chance to pick themselves off the dusty floor, the transition is already in process. Maybe you’ve noticed it too…? There is a giant shift happening right now, and I am seeing it through a very clear lens. Then again, maybe the world is always like that….

Maybe all of my 2 readers are looking at this, (thanks Mom and Dad!) and thinking that you have challenges going on in your life that have always been there, that aren’t ‘new’ or just a shift in the seasons. And that’s okay too. Whatever shoes you are walking in while getting pulled up into this flurry of life, starting a new school program, finding a different place to live, beginning or ending a relationship, or just simply feeling a transition in your own life, remember that the only constant IS change, and that on the other side of things, all will be okay. And if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.

IMG_4774 IMG_1341

Whatever degree of transition you are in, I invite you to jump into it headfirst. Sunny days are ahead and Spring is the perfect time for a ‘re-birth’ and segue into what is coming next. You just never know what is right around the corner. Much much love to you friends!

2 Comments on Springtime, Transitions, and Blue Skies, Oh my.

  1. Judy
    March 2, 2016 at 1:49 pm (6 years ago)

    Good for you sweetie-girl! Go get ‘m!

  2. mom
    March 3, 2016 at 4:55 pm (6 years ago)

    Lael! I loved all of it. You nailed it. Love YOU


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