Rabbit, rabbit! Happy February 1st! Apparently, saying ‘rabbit rabbit’ at the beginning of every new month brings good luck, so here’s hopin’! Now that February is upon us, I think we can legitimately feel like we are INTO 2016. January sometimes just feels like a Christmas leftover, but once we hit February, we’re really official, definitely getting into it, knee deep into the winter season. Summer seems like ages ago, Fall seems like a distant memory, and Spring is what we are just aching to experience. I have been hearing so many friends mentioning how tired they are, how cranky they are feeling, and how for whatever reason they are feeling restless and anxious. I remember when I lived in Wyoming, and during winter, I experienced bouts of depression, could never stay warm, and had no interest in life outside my bed. It was frustrating because I was not a depressed person, so to feel the symptoms of ‘depression’ was confusing. Growing up in San Diego, I never experienced this until I had moved into a place that had seasons. It wasn’t until someone mentioned Seasonal Affective Disorder that things suddenly started to make sense. ‘SAD’ as it is referred to, is related to changes in season, and usually dissipates once Spring and Summer roll around. If you want the full scoop, check it out here. It is oh so common, especially in grey and dreary Seattle, so if any of this sounds like you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This is the time of year when we can really start to feel the effects of these short winter days- even though the days have started to get a bit longer, (YIPPEEEEE!!!!!), Old Man Winter is not ready to retire for the season, so here are some ways that I find help me better cope when I am feeling the seasonal blues.


Sometimes the hardest part about getting out of bed is knowing that there’s really nothing we MUST get out of bed for. On days when I don’t work until late afternoon, it is so luxurious to lounge in bed, dozing in and out of sleep, pressing the snooze button umpteen times. But when I finally do¬†get out of bed, I feel groggy, out of it, and kinda like I wasted all of my ‘me’ time before I head off to work. To counteract the all