Happy New Year friends! Feels like just yesterday when we were all setting up our Christmas trees, baking holiday cookies, getting all our ducks in a row for the pending celebrations, and now look at us! We’re in 2016, the decorations are coming down, we’re almost done with the first month of the new year. Yowza, right!? I was fortunate enough to jet off to the sunny Hawaiian islands post holiday. My family and me, along with my sister’s wonderful boyfriend Michael, spent an 7 entire days in the village of Waikoloa on the big island. We hiked, we snorkeled, we laid in the sun, we saw dolphins and whales, we had mai tais, and beers, and martinis, and pina coladas, and….you know how vacation drinks flow. What a treat to be able to escape the overcast days of gloomy Seattle, and get a solid dose of vitamin D from the islands. Truly wonderful.



So now that I’m back in delightful Seattle, despite it’s rainy welcome home, (which I do truly love), I am hunkering down and getting back to business. First things first, all of the Christmas decor HAD to be taken down. The boughs of holly draped across my shelves was starting to get to me and I got to a point where if I had to spend one more day staring at my childhood Christmas ornament, I was gonna punch a hole in my wall. (Sorry landlord). Luckily, I pushed through my decor annoyance, and I folded, stacked and stored everything away…all of my holiday kitchen towels, ¬†glittery deers, signage, wreaths and plaids; well let’s be honest my plaid stays out year round- but I put away all the things that were making me feel like I was in the yesterdays of Christmas. I replaced it all with things that don’t feel so ‘heavy’. On my main shelf, I redecorated with all things white: pitchers, candles, and picture frames.