Happy New Year friends! Feels like just yesterday when we were all setting up our Christmas trees, baking holiday cookies, getting all our ducks in a row for the pending celebrations, and now look at us! We’re in 2016, the decorations are coming down, we’re almost done with the first month of the new year. Yowza, right!? I was fortunate enough to jet off to the sunny Hawaiian islands post holiday. My family and me, along with my sister’s wonderful boyfriend Michael, spent an 7 entire days in the village of Waikoloa on the big island. We hiked, we snorkeled, we laid in the sun, we saw dolphins and whales, we had mai tais, and beers, and martinis, and pina coladas, and….you know how vacation drinks flow. What a treat to be able to escape the overcast days of gloomy Seattle, and get a solid dose of vitamin D from the islands. Truly wonderful.



So now that I’m back in delightful Seattle, despite it’s rainy welcome home, (which I do truly love), I am hunkering down and getting back to business. First things first, all of the Christmas decor HAD to be taken down. The boughs of holly draped across my shelves was starting to get to me and I got to a point where if I had to spend one more day staring at my childhood Christmas ornament, I was gonna punch a hole in my wall. (Sorry landlord). Luckily, I pushed through my decor annoyance, and I folded, stacked and stored everything away…all of my holiday kitchen towels,  glittery deers, signage, wreaths and plaids; well let’s be honest my plaid stays out year round- but I put away all the things that were making me feel like I was in the yesterdays of Christmas. I replaced it all with things that don’t feel so ‘heavy’. On my main shelf, I redecorated with all things white: pitchers, candles, and picture frames.

IMG_4641In the kitchen, I added some turquoise hand towels and a fresh as snow candle.

IMG_4638And anywhere that I have candles in the house, I changed them to a light fresh scent, with white wax. IMG_4637The latest theme in my house entails anything that is light in color, and freshhhhh. With the new year, it’s nice to switch things up, and make a new beginning, have a clean slate, make a resolution if you will. Now, I’ve never really been one for making ‘resolutions’, they seem so cliche to me, and it’s hard for me to ramp myself up and get excited about something that doesn’t really resonate with me. However, I DO think that going along with my house theme, of starting new, or making something better and different, I have decided to make a different kind of resolution, and if you are like me, which I know you are, this may resonate with you as well. I have decided to have a ‘word’ for the year. Something that I can think about often, come back to, meditate on, and work towards. Maybe a couple different words, depending on the situation. It can be a word, a phrase, and mantra, whatever works best for you. For example: patience, embrace, love, energy, peace, positive mindset, money flows to me, I am complete…whatever word or phrase seems to be calling to you. IMG_4633

Write it in big letters and tack it on a bulletin board. Take a picture of it and use it as your phone background. Or, just simply remember it and call it to mind whenever you feel like it! I talked to my brother about this, and he came up with a great word that I adopted as my own: Proactive. My word this year is something I want to do AND be. Proactive. Even just thinking of the word conjures up lots of energizing ideas of how I can be proactive in my daily life, towards the things that I want to attract to myself. I want to be proactive in everything I do: taking my exercise routine to the next level, furthering myself towards a career I will love, making a daily effort towards living a fulfilling and inspiring life. These are all things that I want to be PROACTIVE in, and being active towards pursuing these goals are what I feel like I need to focus on. So, there you have it. Proactive. Boom.


I also like this idea better than an actual resolution, because I feel that it brings about a more positive vibration than what we typically find with New Year’s mantras. So often, people choose things like, ‘I want to stop drinking as much’, or ‘I want to lose weight’. If you mess up on one of these resolutions, it ends up feeling more like a failure, and NO ONE should start a new year feeling like a failure! Instead, take ‘ I want to stop drinking so much’ and change it to ‘ I want to wake up feeling great!’ It takes the pressure off of feeling like you are going to mess up, and instead encompasses so many things that will make you wake up feeling great, INCLUDING not drinking so much. Does that make sense to you? I hope it does, because we can all benefit from it!

Anyhow, as we trudge along through these dark, cold and short days of winter, remember to take it easy on yourself, and take extra good care of YOU! Get enough sleep, eat some good food and don’t forget to keep moving! A daily dose of exercise keeps your endorphins running; a surefire way to keep those winter blues at bay. Even though its been rainy, grey and chillllllly here, I am still keeping my fingers crossed for some snow up here in the Pacific Northwest! What is  winter without at least one snow day?! Keep your fingers crossed for me too 🙂 Much love to you all, and from my heart to yours, I wish you a sincere and lovely New Year.



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  1. mom
    January 21, 2016 at 6:19 pm (7 years ago)

    You make me think Lael! I know what my word was 5 years ago, I had it plastered all over….”LEAP” This year I don’t know, but I’m going to think on that. Get me that lip liner…. Love you!


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