Well, well, well…look who has shown up, made itself comfortable and decided to stay for a while. Good ol’ Autumn. Seattle has been overtaken by the falling leaves, the cool, crisp air, and pumpkin EVERYTHING. Every neighborhood home has a pumpkin on the front stoop, grocery stores are saturated with Halloween goodies, and Seattlites all over the city are grabbing that extra layer of clothing before rushing out the door. Fall is definitely here.

I, of course, feel pure elation over this. Nothing makes me happier than trading out my thin white summer quilt on my bed to my plush plaid comforter that is so delightful to snuggle up in while the night air flushes through my bedroom. I love having my home reflect whatever is going on outside. And this, my friends, is what is going on outside…




Isn’t that just beautiful!?! It looks so cozy, right!? Like I just want to run inside, throw on my fuzzy socks, make a fire, and watch football snuggled up in some flannel pajamas. However, it is a Wednesday night at 7:30, and there is no fireplace in my house OR a football game on. So what’s the next best thing? I have my mom’s recipe for homemade chili bubbling away on the stove, some hot tea next to me, all of my pumpkin scented candles burning, and one cat and one dog snoozing next to me. Not a bad runner up, huh?

My most favorite thing to do is make my home feel cozy cozy cozy. For whom? Me, of course! And when I have guests over, I always want them to feel cozy and right at home as well. Fall is the most wonderful time to do this because it the transition time between summer and the approaching winter