If you’re anything like me, you have a daily/weekly/monthly planner that you write your entire life in. Maybe it’s on paper, maybe it’s in the calendar on your phone, or maybe just one of those dry erase boards. But whatever you use, I’m sure it is chock full of appointments, meetings, celebrations, all the things that we do while we spend our sweet time in this world. I have mine set up as a month at a glance, and it can get pretty overwhelming. The day to day isn’t so rough, but when I look at it all at once, it can make me feel stretched pretty thin. So, what do you do when you need to step away from all this for a minute? You take yourself  to the lake! Whenever I hear someone say, ‘I’m going to “The Lake” this weekend’, I have no idea what lake they’re going to, where it is, or who’s going to be there, but I know that I.want.to.go. Right!?! Something about any lake vacation evokes so many images of boat riding, dock sitting, fish catching, campfire enjoying, cocktail sipping, and most importantly, distancing oneself from appointments, meetings and work…what part of this does NOT sound amazing? SO! When I looked at my calendar and saw that there was one leeeeetle spot in between the craziness of labor day weekend that I could jet away from the city, you’d better believe that I was ready to go! My friend invited me to the family’s cabin on Big Lake in Mount Vernon which is in Skagit County, about 1 hour north of Seattle. I packed up my car and my dog, and was on my way in the blink of an eye.The lake is so beautiful, surrounded by the huge evergreen trees that Washington is so well known for, and there is an instant sense of calm that you get as soon as you arrive. Ahhhh, I made it.


The minute we arrived, it was time to get a cocktail in hand. Doesn’t matter what time it is, we’re on lake time now! One hour in, I had met everyone, changed into my ‘relaxation clothes’ and it was time to get on the boat. No time to waste! My friend’s aunt wanted to go water skiing, so we got to go along for the ride! Even Finley got to test his sea-legs.