Well, I’ve been thinking all this past week about what I’m feeling inspired to write about. What has been on my mind? What similar thoughts might you be sharing with me? What kind of mood am I in? I’ve mused, evaluated and mulled over: what am I experiencing right now? As I watched some leaves swirl to the ground, I was pondering it. As I added a light weight blanket to my bed, I contemplated it. As I noticed how the sun is hanging lower in the sky and the days are ending earlier, I reflected on it.  And then, right before my eyes, there it was.

Fall is coming.

It has been happening all around me, and I was too busy living in it to even notice it, until BOOM! There it was. Pre-season football started, kids are back in school, summer tourists are heading back home, there’s a calmer energy in the city, seasons are beginning to shift.


It’s a time of transition. That lull between the bright, hot days of summer, and the cool, crisp days of Autumn. A time when things are slowwwwwwly starting to change. Nothing drastic that can exactly be pinpointed, but there is something in the air. The sun has that golden glow to it. It’s rich, and present, yet retires a bit earlier each night, as if telling us, ‘I’ve been working hard for the past 3 months! I need to rest.’ Evenings in Seattle have a slight chill in the air. My sweaters are happy to be making a gradual return into my everyday wear, and the blankets on my shelf are just about ready to be utilized in my cozy making. Fall brings about a desire to nurture all aspects in one’s life. Nurture a home with cushy blankets, warm plaids, and aromatic candles that bring up nostalgic, yet comforting memories. Nurture our loved ones with delicious, tummy-warming suppers, and homemade goodies. Nurture ourselves with plush sweaters, long walks on a crisp day, and curling up with a book when it’s pouring outside.


Don’t get me wrong. I know summer is not quite over