Hey! How’s your summer going?! Good!? Are you enjoying all the sunshine? Are you reveling in every moment that could possibly be making you happy? Because if not…that’s totally okay. Here’s the thing: Just because it’s summer, and life is beautiful, and yada, yada, it’s ok to not be OK. Sometimes, life shows up. Life happens. Things happen. Things beyond our control. The things that happen beyond our control are not what is important here. It is how we control OURSELVES through these situations. Case in point. For me, things have been heavy lately. Nothing life threatening, nothing involving anything that will be important in a month from now, but just some stuff, that I’m in the process of processing. Get it? I knew you would.

The important thing for me is to remember that I am my OWN number one. Yea, shit happens. It sucks. And sometimes life kinda slaps you around a little. But in the face of adversity, I try to remind myself that taking care of ME is the only thing I can control. The way I react, the way I present myself, the things I say to myself, all of these things are important. I owe it to myself to take care of me. To stand by my own side. To be my own biggest fan. To come out of the dark space knowing that I did everything in my power to take care of Lael. And most importantly, to tell myself, ‘It’s okay!’ when I’m feeling low, or blue, or run down. Don’t dismiss it. Allow it, and don’t repress. Otherwise it shows up in other ways, and trust me, you don’t want to be known as the asshole who needs to deal with their ‘stuff’, or one of those people who are stuck in an alcoholic hole of a life, hungover every day, because they don’t want to/know how to deal with what life gives them. Show up for yourself, be patient, be smart, and allow time to heal your wounds.


First and foremost, a run can heal ANYTHING. I mean anything. When you have the energy of a pent up situation just coarsing through the body, it is absolutely pertinent to get that energy MOVING! Run it out, swim it out, cross-fit it out, do SOMETHING. Sweat out that anxiety, get your heart pumping, and blast those tunes as you heal your body from the inside, out. Every time I am experiencing angst, sadness, or any emotion I DON’T want, I throw on my tennies and out the door I go. You know what the great thing is? I have never once regretted it.


Most people have some sort of book, scripture, or spiritual guide to turn to for words of wisdom. I like to take a little piece of everything. I love bible scriptures, I love words from strong figures in history, and I especially like anything that has to do with yoga, and the teachings they offer. My good girlfriend, Evann, just completed her Yoga Teacher Training, (Yay Evann!!!), and I have been picking her brain about all the things she is learning on her yoga journey. One of the things she introduced to me was the ‘8 Limbs of Yoga’, the Yogic philosophy. The point that resonated with me the most was the advice to remove all things from one’s life that cause mental unrest. So simple, yet SO profound! Why do we put up with things in our lives that are bringing us down, causing us to over-think, over-stress, and over-exhaust our dearest selves? If you can remove it, or ‘them’, DO IT! Remove them from your social media, your inner circle, your daily routine, any part that is overlapping in YOUR world. Life is long, but it is also short, and no one has time to waste on people that don’t uplift you. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Remove, immediately. Your time is too precious to be dealing with people that are lost little souls, sucking up your good energy and replacing it with anything less than. Leave it behind, and don’t look back!


Which brings me to my next point: A drink or several is a great way to relax. Or wash away the pain temporarily. Hell, sometimes it needs to be made into an entire night of ‘forgetting your troubles’. But do not, ever, never, for one second, let it become your crutch through the hard times. It looks gross, it smells gross ON you, and all your friends are watching and taking pity. Definitely not what you want. A wise friend once told me, ‘Alcohol is a wonderful servant, but a horrible master.’ Don’t forget it, even during the tough times.


Do something good for yourself! Go get a massage, have dinner with a friend, call your Mom, go see a show…it’s perfectly healthy, {and sometimes necessary} to stay in bed and ride it out- it really is, and don’t let anyone tell you different! But, it’s also important to take special care and do something that is good for the soul. Being around people, going out in nature, staring up into a tree and watching the leaves shift around, these are the things that heal the soul. Don’t feel guilt about being vulnerable and calling on someone you love. People love to be a support system, even if only for a hot minute!


Last but CERTAINLY not least, don’t ever underestimate the healing power of a fur baby or 2.



The best feeling ever is snuggling up next to your beloved pet, the one who worships the ground you walk on, who would do anything to be with you at all times during the day, and who loves you beyond belief. Somehow, animals have a sense about them that is like an alert to their being, to slip into nurse mode and care for the sick or ill-hearted. They just know how to curl up and make everything seem good. Allow that. Lean on them for love and support because that’s what they want to give!

So what have we learned here together? For one, allow yourself to feel the blues. It’s part of the human condition and we ALL go through it! Repressing those feelings is where the trouble starts to show up. Second, do something good for you! And only you. Take care of yourself. Why!? Because YOU are your own number ONE. You owe it to your beautiful, little dickens of a self. Cheers to you, all the good, all the bad, and all the in betweens. We’re gonna make it, after all! Have a wonderful summer, and don’t forget to love on yourself.
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  1. mom
    August 15, 2015 at 3:11 pm (7 years ago)

    I’m not OK
    You’re not OK
    But that’s OK
    Love you Birdling


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