Hi Hi Hiiiiiiiiii!! Long time, no see. Talk. Read. All of the above. Life has been busy and summer is almost in FULL swing. Have you seen it outside? It is GORGEOUS! The sun is out, the days are getting longer, the sunsets are vibrant, it’s all coming together! I just got back from San Diego, where I had the wonderful enjoyment and honor of being a bridemaid in one of my best friends’ wedding. The wedding was so beautiful, and the bride looked like something out of a fairytale. I mean, truly. It was all magic. The venue, the couple, the afterparty, I cannot imagine doing one part of it differently.


Before I knew it, all of the wedding festivities wrapped, I was on a plane back to Seattle, and all the sudden, I realized the summer season had officially hit my city. Having been gone for a week, I got back to my apartment, and something just wasn’t quite right. The colors were dark, I had coats hanging on every hook, a plethora of blankets on my bed. I walked in, and thought, ‘Uh-uh. This needs to change. Time to Summer-ize.’ So maybe you are feeling like me, like you need to peeeeeel off the layers of seasons past, and get yourself right smack dab in the middle of summer mode…Join me?

Step 1

Take all coats, beanies, umbrellas, rain jackets and sweaters off  the coat racks. Store them away. Somewhere you cannot see them. Just do it. You’ll see them again, so don’t let your ‘goodbye hug’ linger too long. Just say, ‘until next time, old friend.’ And then put it into the back of your closet. Because you won’t need any of it for months! Replace those hooks with your baseball cap, a light and breezy blouse or button up, a canvas tote to bring to the farmer’s market…. whatever things you’ll need on a typical summer day. Trust me, you’ll be happy for the convenience of it all right as you’re walking out the door.


Change your bedding. Take off those plaid flannel sheets, and put on some cool, crisp white sheets. Nothing, and I mean nothing, says ‘SUMMER’ like cl