You may or may not know that last week was Seattle Beer Week, a celebration of all the delicious pales, ales and lagers this wonderful region has to offer. Washington produces a whopping 77% of the hops used in all beer in the U.S., as well as around the world. That’s amazing, right!?! We’re like the Napa Valley of the beer world. No wonder people in this city love their beer! Now, I know, I know, I’m a week late for Beer Week, but hey, we’ve got the good stuff year ’round. Maybe they should rename it ‘Beer Year’. Can’t you argue that every week is Beer Week? I’m glad you asked. The answer is yes. To honor Beer Week in our own humble way, my friend Shane and I decided to take on 3 breweries in our city and do our own rating system and tasting for each place, based on some very official criteria. We are pros after all. And when I say pros, I really mean we enjoy a cold one after a long day’s work, and rate their taste by saying, ‘Mmmm, this is delicious.’ See? Very official.

The 3 breweries that we decided to try out are all of my favorite breweries in Seattle, so even though some had higher scores in certain areas than the others, they are all amazing tap rooms that I highly recommend to any beer lover out there. We visited Fremont Brewery in the Fremont neighborhood, Reuben’s brewery, and Stoup brewery, which are both in Ballard. This is how our rating sheet looked:

IMG_1998The multi-colored highlighters really give it a nice touch, don’t they? It just screams: We mean business. So, as you can see, our rating system is pretty straight forward. It’s on a 1-10 scale, with a 60 being the highest score possible. The ambiance means…..ambiance of the place. I think you guessed that. The crowd refers to who is there; dogs? kids? hipsters? You get the gist. Fave beer refers to how our favorite style beer that we ordered compares to how we like our favorite style beer to taste. Overall beers just means that we tasted each other’s beers, since we {luckily} prefer different styles, and whether or not we could say we preferred their beer styles. Again, VERY official. Beer temp is self explanatory, yet extremely important- no one wants a luke warm beer. No one. Comfort refers to how comfortable you feel in the space. Seating, warmth, having space, you know, things that make ya feel comfy! Alright, now that you’re on board with our official beer