In honor of Mother’s Day, this post is dedicated to my most favorite woman in the world: my kind-hearted, wise, supportive, talented, creative, beautiful mother Jan, aka: Janny,  Gina, Fanny, Fanners and Fanny May. Dont Ask.

She’s one of those people that brightens up a room when just by being in it, and her spirit and love could change the world. Truly.



Ain’t she just the CUTEST!?!?! She is the most real, thoughtful, book loving and creative person I know. She can take the simplest room, garden, barn, ANYTHING, and turn it into a masterpiece. So much cozy, so much love, so much warmth. She truly is the one that I aspire to be when I ‘grow up’, and I know that my siblings all feel the same as me. While raising 4 children, she taught us to be independent, strong, and to never give up on anything. When my mom endured breast cancer- twice-  I never once saw her lose hope. She continued every day, doing what needed to be done, never doubting herself and her strength. Never one to just let the world wash over her, she did what needed to be done, stayed strong and beat cancer. Her outlook towards life has taught me so much, and I continually ask myself  ‘what would Mom do’? when I am going through tough situations myself.



As I’ve grown up, my relationship with my mom has gotten more and more real. I can talk to her about literally anything. She is the first person I call when I need sound advice, and the person that I can always get a truthful, earnest opinion from, even if it’s an opinion I don’t want to hear! 😉 But that’s what moms are for, right?

In our family, it has become quite entertaining for us all to see how much