Do you ever have those days where right when you wake up in the morning, you just get this certain fire inside you and think, ‘I am gonna own this day’ ? You know, like, this day is mine for the taking, and nothing and no one is going to do anything to mess it up. Now, I definitely try and wake up every day with a positive attitude, feeling good and being motivated. But on this particular day, I woke up feeling fierce. It was my day off, the sun was out, and I was ready to have a ‘Lael’ day, meaning that I would do only things that felt good to me, and really focusing on what makes me happy. Boom. Let’s do this.

To start this soul-satisfying day, I decided I really needed some good, solid, energy boosting coffee. Not just any ol’ cup o joe, but some crank-turning, day-changing, mood-lifting coffee. Have you heard of Bulletproof coffee? I don’t even know where I heard about it, but I LOVE this recipe. It is so easy, and honestly, whenever I drink it, I seriously feel like I strapped a rocket on my back. My energy goes through the roof. It powers me through the day so effortlessly, and makes me feel great. I don’t know how it does it, but it does. So, gather the ingredients. You will need:

*Fresh ground coffee

*Virgin Coconut Oil

*Butter {Grass fed, if you have it}


Brew your coffee as you normally would. Next, in a blender, or, I use a magic bullet, add a pat of butter and a teaspoon or so of coconut oil. The recipe calls for grass-fed butter, but I only have regular, so use whatchu got. 🙂 Pour your fresh brewed coffee into the blender, and then whirl it all together for about 5 seconds.


IMG_1764Then, pour this delightful concoction back into your favorite coffee mug, sip and enjoy.


IMG_1766You will be AMAZED at how delicious and creamy and frothy it is. Coconut oil is sososososo good for you and the butter keep