Moving is exciting. A fresh start, and new space, a chance to redecorate, a whole new space of your own. Well, I just moved! I am now the proud renter of a quirky, sunny, spacious one bedroom apartment. I’ve been in for 3 days now, and my flat and I are slowly but surely warming up to one another. Little by little, I am letting my guard down, getting past that first date stage and allowing myself to fully open myself up to this quaint new space.

‘Well, I guess that’s not a dealbreaker’, I say to all the new creaks and and sounds. I can deal with this new water pressure. Ooooo my last apartment didn’t have this fancy stove or retro built in dresser. I think I could get used to this place. When moving, I think one of the most challenging parts is making this new house a home. I loved my old apartment because I had figured out how to cozy it up, and make it jussssssst right for what I want in a home. What if the new place doesn’t feel as snug and cushy as the old place? What if the kitchen and I just don’t get along? What if Finn doesn’t like it?  How am I going to make this place feel cozy?  To clear up these questions, I decided to give a step by step of how to make a new house a home.

Step 1: Burn some wild sage in your new, still empty space.

IMG_1678My sweet, sweet sister Holly bought me some sage incense smudging wands for my new place. Burning sage goes back to Native American rituals, and is intended for cleansing, and clearing out energy. It is a spiritual process and is used as a path for re-defenition and purification. Huh, I’ll try it out. I lit the end of the wand and let it smolder. Then, I walked with the incense to every room and let the smoke fill all the nooks and crannies and I mentally set an intention for my new home. Lots of love, joy, comfort, safety, memories, you know, the good stuff. This process also helps clear out any of the energy from prior tenants. Who knows what kind of life they led? I don’t want to move forward in this new abode dragging around any bad juju that they may have le