Seattle’s Spring has officially sprung. Flowers are everywhere, birds are chirping, the grass is vibrant green, the skies are bright blue, it is all in full swing. Ahhhh, after months of rainy days and nights, it is time to open up the windows, throw on our flip-flops and surround ourselves with some delicious Spring air.


Growing up in San Diego, I never really knew seasons. In southern California, it is either warm or warmer. Everyday is full of sunshine and warm air. Sandals were part of my everyday attire. As much as I LOVE San Diego, I completely took the sun for granted and I always felt like I was missing something while I lived there. On the rare times that it rained, I was in absolute heaven. It was so cleansing and cozy and such a change from the constant sun. I knew in my heart of hearts that I had to leave, and move to a place that had both cold and warm weather, changes of season, and most importantly, rain. WELL, I think Seattle definitely has enough rain to keep a Cali girl happy. The first year I lived in here, I had no idea what I was in for. When they say it rains here, they ain’t kiddin’. I remember calling my dad and asking him if the sun would EVER come out again. I was seriously starting to feel a little panicked. He laughed, and having lived in Seattle for 13 years himself, he assured me that every year, right after Valentine’s Day, Seattle begins to brighten up, and I would start seeing Spring emerge. And, like always, Dad was right. ¬†Every year, like clockwork, out of all that rain comes the most beautiful Spring and Summer one ever did see. The grand trees stand proudly. The lush plants soak up the sunshine and look oh so happy. Little baby ducks are swimming on Lake Washington. Pike Place Market is buzzing with tourists and locals alike, picking up the freshest and most delectable goodies to enjoy. Vibrant colored flowers are suddenly everywhere, seemingly saying, ‘Look at me! Look at me! Aren’t I gorgeous?!’ Yes, yes, you certainly are, I tell them.¬† It is magic.