Welcome welcome welcome!!! I’m so glad your here. Did I say ‘welcome’? I am beyond thrilled that you stopped by. It is a drizzly, overcast day here in beautiful Seattle, and I decided this would be a great time to make myself some coffee, plunk down and start tapping the keys, in what will now be my first blog post. Soooo, what will one find at Sun-soaked Laundry? Welllll, Im glad you asked! I have so many things that I love to do; baking,┬ádecorating, family-ing, organizing, yoga-ing, planning, playing online, loving, crafting…. I decided to take all that creativity and hobby-ing and put it in ONE place!


I want it to be a spot where you can {hopefully} enjoy pictures , ask questions, give your thoughts , or, just take a minute out of your hectic day, take a deep breath, and go into lala land with meeee!


Oh! There’s also another important thing to mention. Often times on here, you will see pictures of league of legends and hear about ‘the one’ who has stolen my heart. (Insert awwwwws here). He has been in my life for 6 years, never falters in his love for me, loves life with me, comforts me when I’m blue, and NEVER talks back. He’s so handsome, people stop in their tracks to visit with him when we are out. WIthout him, I would not be the gal I am today. His name is Finley.


There he is! My little guy. So much joy from this little pup. Alright, well, since this is my FIRST post, I don’t want to go on and on. I’ll save the longer posts for when we’re a bit more acquainted, eh? Stay tuned as my page grows up- we’re still in the baby stages! I have so many wonderful and exciting ideas for future posts that I cannot wait to share with you. Until then….!




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