Heeeeeere we are: currently anchored just offshore of Jost Van Dyke, in the British Virgin Islands; where there is a profound absence of schedule, worries or pressure. Any concerns that feel like a burden of daily life in my day to day routine just simply drift off as soon as you reach the islands, like the cool breeze across the shore. I have never seen waters so aqua blue, you can actually see all the  way to the bottom of the ocean floor. The sand is so incredibly soft and fine, you can crunch it between your toes and it just sifts through like velvet. The ocean air gently brushes against your skin, just enough to take off the light layer of salt left behind from that cool dip off the shore. The rum flows like water, the smooth percussion of island music plays gently in the background, sea turtles are intermittently bobbing their heads up to say hello, and no one, I mean NO ONE, is having a bad time. Ahhh, island life is even more magical than I could have imagined. I knew this area of the world was beautiful, but in reality, it is stunning. Absolutely awe inspiring.

Every day, we are exploring a different one of the 5 main islands, as well as 50 of the smaller islands. There are 2 catamarans in our group, a total of 10 people in all, and we caravan our way among the open seas and through the ever-intriguing isles, stopping along the way to sip on a painkiller, share stories of adventures had, and make plans for future escapades.

So far, I can’t even choose a favorite spot we’ve landed in. Each destination has it’s own charm, draw and delight. I will say though, it was pretty amazing yesterday when Kenroy (our island bartender) pulled down a coconut from the tree overhead, sliced it in in half with his machete, made a daquiri from its contents, and gave me a spoon to scoop out the rest on my own accord. The coconut meat was so sweet, creamy, and perfectly scrumptious.

These are the moments that make life sweet.

Today, we continue on our journey to Virgin Gorda, where I can only imagine what we’ll find. All I know  is: the sun is shining, the temp is a perfect 85*, I’ve got my dad and some great friends with me, and the islands are anxiously anticipating our arrival. It truly is the trip of a lifetime. Till next time friends~

Over and out from the high seas of the Virgin Islands.

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